Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jiggly Booty Treatments

Just wanted to share a video of Alyson getting the "Jiggly Booty" treatment from Daddy. She absolutely loves it - I can't get over how cute she is with her little hands wobbling around.

Poor Baby, she also took her first spill this past weekend. I really should have known better - she's been getting pretty active over the last few weeks - kicking herself almost over to her belly and stuff like that. I was baking cookies with the daughter of one of Erik's friends who was over to give advice for the electrical wiring of our bonus room. I put Alyson on the couch - propped up in the corner, thinking that that was far enough away from the edge that she'd be safe. Wrong. About a minute later, I heard a thump and a scream from my little girl that just tore the heart out of my chest. I felt so badly, but at least she wasn't far from the ground to start with and fell onto carpeting. She wasn't mad for long - mostly scared we think. Erik was so good. She and I went upstairs to tell Daddy and he took her and snuggled her and told her that she shouldn't be scared to fall sometimes. She didn't bruise or anything and was happy shortly after, but I still did and do feel badly. I'm glad she still loves her Mama.