Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Holidays

Surprisingly, I didn't really take pictures for this past holiday week. We had a blast though. I'll just highlight really quickly and get more detail later. :)

Had Thanksgiving Dinner with the Gauntts (Thanks guys - we had a blast!)
Went shopping on Black Friday with Alyson (no, we didn't get up at 4am - we're not masochistic)
Did some major nesting
Did some moderate napping
Played with Photoshop
Went to New Moon (yes, Erik came too - he thought it was AWESOME - ok, maybe that's a little more enthusiastic than he was)
Had another Thanksgiving Dinner at home with Lisa (my first real turkey - turned out great - meant to take a picture)
etc., etc., etc...

My favorite exchange documented this past week:
Erik and I were talking about something completely random - don't remember how it came up - something about how one of the famous artists (Da Vinci we thought) could circumscribe a perfect circle - something that's apparently pretty hard to do. My reply: "I can draw a lop-sided, lumpy circle." Erik's: "Well, that makes you a member of the elite."

Ahh, bliss. :)