Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Made Me Smile

Alyson is the coolest person I know. Erik and our neighbor Lisa picked tomatoes and cucumbers at a friends house yesterday and we let Aly try one of the little cherry tomatoes. She loved it! A couple minutes later, Lisa and I are in her kitchen and realize that Alyson is far too quite. Shoot! She must have found a cell phone to call 9-1-1 on! We rush into the living room to find her happily sitting on the couch eating a big tomato just like an apple. She ate the whole thing!!!

She is so cool. She wanted more, but we figured that was enough for a little girl for one eveing. I did give her another little tomato this morning and she was just as happy as a clam.


Another thing that made me smile that I forgot to mention on my previous post. I came across my little scribble notes and found something my mom said one day while they were here that had me rolling on the ground.

"Three klutzes playing badminton in the backyard - without a net."

Kills me every time. There was the more complicated quote that dealt with the guy who's trailer hit our van on the road. It went something like this.

"I sure hope he's not kidnapping those children! Maybe that's what he meant by 'I'll go straight to jail'. Yeah, kidnapping and interstate transportation generally does that."

Oh, Mom, I miss you. :)

I hope to post the pictures of Aly and the tomato later.