Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Vacation

Some favorite parts of Christmas vacation in Kansas:

1. Getting there - wow, we were totally blessed. We almost didn't make it to the airport in Spokane because of the weather, almost didn't get to the plane because of the lines, and then almost didn't make our connection because we were waiting for and then being de-iced for 50 minutes.

2. Introducing Alyson to the rest of her immediate family.

3. Great-Grandpa's fabulously brave flavor combinations (1 example of the many fabulous: Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal with water (not milk), a generous serving of apple pie, and about 1/2 of a cheddar bacon cheese ball all mixed together in one big bowl...)

4. Buying a van - for so long I was totally set on a Toyota Sienna but while there, Erik and I realized that we could get almost 2 1/2 Dodge Grand Caravans for the same price for similar models. Hmmmm, halfway through if it dies or we want another one, we can get a newer model than we would with the Sienna and we'd have paid it off? Good trade. :) Mom, Rachel, Great-Grandpa and Jeremy are driving it out for us this weekend!

5. Spending time with family and friends and thinking about work maybe one time in 2 weeks!

6. Celebrating my birthday with the family - Rachel made some insanely delicious individual molten chocolate cakes - mmmm.

7. The great Christmas Bow Adherer Battle. Mom used some very fancy eye manipulating movements to try to stay uninvolved, but we got her eventually and then she and I waited to ambush Rachel outside the bathroom. Poor girl, no privacy even when she had a book in there. She's gonna kill me for putting that in there. :) Love you!

Vacation is the best. Please sir, may I have some more?