Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Holidays

Surprisingly, I didn't really take pictures for this past holiday week. We had a blast though. I'll just highlight really quickly and get more detail later. :)

Had Thanksgiving Dinner with the Gauntts (Thanks guys - we had a blast!)
Went shopping on Black Friday with Alyson (no, we didn't get up at 4am - we're not masochistic)
Did some major nesting
Did some moderate napping
Played with Photoshop
Went to New Moon (yes, Erik came too - he thought it was AWESOME - ok, maybe that's a little more enthusiastic than he was)
Had another Thanksgiving Dinner at home with Lisa (my first real turkey - turned out great - meant to take a picture)
etc., etc., etc...

My favorite exchange documented this past week:
Erik and I were talking about something completely random - don't remember how it came up - something about how one of the famous artists (Da Vinci we thought) could circumscribe a perfect circle - something that's apparently pretty hard to do. My reply: "I can draw a lop-sided, lumpy circle." Erik's: "Well, that makes you a member of the elite."

Ahh, bliss. :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Erik with a fabulous pumpkin he carved a few years ago - it's the "What me worry?" guy - Alfed E. Newman. :) This picture doesn't do it justice - but here it is!

Well, we had fun carving pumpkins this morning! Alyson was in charge of making sure that none of us cut off any appendages - she was a cruel task master.

Or not. :)

I think she was giving me inspiration for the face I was carving in this picture. :)

Daddy (Erik) did all of the hard (yucky) work for us. Thanks honey! He cut the tops for us and scooped out all the guts!

I felt badly for the other pumpkins that were watching the carnage. They knew what was coming for them soon...

I finished our Halloween Costumes just in the nick of time (thanks to my boss who gave me the day off without using my paid time off because of all the extra hours I've been putting in).

We are Hershey's Kisses. Mine is ambiguous enough that I can be a foil wrapped baked potato next year if I want to be. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Wow, this is embarrasingly late. I've been ridiculously busy at work lately as we're down a member of our recruitment team during their busiest time of the year. Therefore, our front office assistant who assists our Occupational Services Specialist is covering for that position. That means I'm covering for her while trying to still do my job at the same time. I've had about 50 hour weeks for the last 4 or 5 weeks WHILE being pregnant. I don't know that anyone there knows how many hours I'm really working right now, though there's really no way around it. This is with letting things go that were my major goals for this year. For example, before the baby comes I have to:
1. Help our Occ Svcs Spec maintain our L&I claims, meet with our new hires, enter the information, remake their system since it was different than makes sense to me, oh and the small process of making sure that our employees get the Seasonal Flu Vaccine and the H1N1 (formerly Swine Flu) Vaccine. Since the H1N1 is insanely regulated by the Department of Health, Vicki's pretty worried and I'm trying to help her have perspective and prepare for the onslaught of questions and actually make it happen
2. Reprint all Medical Center employee (and physician and contractor and volunteer) badges since we have a new name and logo (Kadlec Medical Center became Kadlec Regional Medical Center)
3. Complete my all inclusive HR Assistant training and reference manual so that they know what the heck to do while I'm on leave (this includes the Badge System - which is part of our Security System. It makes me more than a little nervous that I'm answering our Security Department's questions about their system more often than can make me feel warm and fuzzy)
4. Train our Benefits/Compensation Assistant on ERC (employee relations committee) Recognition Banquet preparation. This includes making sure that we recognize all of the right people without recognizing them too early or missing anyone. This wouldn't generally be such a big deal except that for the last two years that I've done it, it's been a nightmare each time. There's always someone that's upset and thinks that they should be recognized or didn't make it last year so they think that we ought to recognize them this year, etc. I spent a couple months auditing the system and notifying all employees of when they'll be recognized with the intention of making it easier. It should be - I just have to cross check to make sure that all the changes/notifications I made in the system report correctly. So I'll have to show her that and how to order the recognition pins and plaques, print the certifications for CEO and board signature, prepare the packets, etc.
5. Those are the projects in addition to the regular things that I try to do every day. Something's going to have to give, I'm just not sure yet what...

:) Not that you checked up on us to hear me whining - I still love my job, just need to be better at saying - "no, I'll need to let something go or I'll need a cot set up and a substantial bonus".

Here at home, everything is awesome. We enjoyed a wonderful visit with my sister and then my parents and grandparents drove through on a road trip. I'll post pictures tomorrow or the next day - this post is already pretty long. :)

MayLee (the bun in the oven) is growing and moving very well - I can't wait to meet her, though she'll be in trouble if I meet her too soon - she's not due until mid December. I guess me making better boundaries for myself at work will help ensure that - and will make it easier to spend time with each other and do some nesting at home. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Made Me Smile

Alyson is the coolest person I know. Erik and our neighbor Lisa picked tomatoes and cucumbers at a friends house yesterday and we let Aly try one of the little cherry tomatoes. She loved it! A couple minutes later, Lisa and I are in her kitchen and realize that Alyson is far too quite. Shoot! She must have found a cell phone to call 9-1-1 on! We rush into the living room to find her happily sitting on the couch eating a big tomato just like an apple. She ate the whole thing!!!

She is so cool. She wanted more, but we figured that was enough for a little girl for one eveing. I did give her another little tomato this morning and she was just as happy as a clam.


Another thing that made me smile that I forgot to mention on my previous post. I came across my little scribble notes and found something my mom said one day while they were here that had me rolling on the ground.

"Three klutzes playing badminton in the backyard - without a net."

Kills me every time. There was the more complicated quote that dealt with the guy who's trailer hit our van on the road. It went something like this.

"I sure hope he's not kidnapping those children! Maybe that's what he meant by 'I'll go straight to jail'. Yeah, kidnapping and interstate transportation generally does that."

Oh, Mom, I miss you. :)

I hope to post the pictures of Aly and the tomato later.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vacation 2009

We were lucky enough to enjoy visitors last month. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Rachel and Great Grandpa were able to come see us for almost a week from Kansas. After they stayed and played for a while, we all headed down to Utah for a family reunion. Be prepared for some insane cuteness in shocking quantities.
Our daughter loves the water (like most toddlers) and one day while playing with our visitors, Alyson had a brilliant notion. Why not keep some of this water for later? I was at work, so I'm glad Mom's as much of a paparazzo as I am. :)
Can't forget the sunscreen! Alyson loves to put lotion on - fortunately she's a whitey so she has a lot of that to look forward to in her life.

Hanging out at home while waiting for dinner. Check out my little girl - "Hey, Go long!"

Alyson with Great-Grandpa

Alyson's first baseball game with Grandpa, Grandma, Mommy and Aunt Rachel.

Oh yes, Grandpa knows what we like.

Heading to Utah. Alyson did such a good job! We had quite an adventure actually. While driving through a wind storm in Idaho, the truck in front of us lost a piece of its trailer. Yes, the flat 1'x5' piece of hard liner blew off of the trailer and into us. Fortunately it didn't come through our windshield or it would have wiped Alyson and me out.
We caught up with the driver and he pulled over to help us assess the damage. There wasn't much thank goodness - just a couple scratches that weren't that deep, scuffs on the passenger side mirror and a majorly bent antenna. I wish I had a picture of it - it was actually comical - almost a perfect 90% angle in the antenna - it added a nice touch of goofusness.
All in all, the experience added about an hour to our trip to get everything settled, and the rest of the trip was uneventful. This picture is Alyson playing with Grandpa towards the end of the trip.
Daddy and Alyson sleeping right before the reunion. Soak it up while you can, honey. :)

Grandma holding Alyson at Aunt Virginia's house. Not much interesting going on, but I love this picture, so it's in here.

The day after the reunion, a partial post party dessert was in order. Here, we're waiting for a table big enough for our group so that we can enjoy insanely good brownie sundaes.

Grandma, Grandpa and Alyson at Deseret Book in Orem after dessert.
That night, (Independence Day) we were lucky enough to go to the Stadium of Fire. Thanks Mom! (I mean Grandma) We had a great time. This massive flag had been used in many displays and events over the years and for the first time had the opportunity to fly free. It was beautiful and impressive.
Grandma, Grandpa and Alyson getting settled in our seats before the Stadium of Fire started.
After the major sponsors completed their drawings and introductions, we were treated to a four fighter jet flyover with live feed of the lead pilot. Veerrry cool.

Aly loved it, but of course, she is going to be a fighter pilot someday (or navy seal, or astronaught...)
My sister Rachel and me at the Stadium of Fire. Aren't we cute?

Alyson and Grandma applauding the Stadium of Fire dancers (before they broke out the fire dancing - that was insane).

We all loved being at the front of our section. It was easy to get in and out (easy escape turned out to be a very good thing at the end when there was a stampeded for the doors) and the added bonus was that Alyson just couldn't get enough of draping herself over it.

Oh, look! A couple of Black Hawk helicopters are coming for a flyover!

Yes, Alyson definitely loved those...
...and was looking for more.

Rachel and our cousin Brett.

It was shockingly loud there. We were treated to two different musical presentations. Shedaisy and the Jonas Brothers were both there and though I'm sure they did sound checks that day, it was too loud. You could hear it perfectly with your ears covered. The worst part though was not the bands. It was the shrieking, insane, beside themselves teenage fans. I was worried I'd have permanent hearing damage.

Looks like Mom and Dad (I mean Grandma and Grandpa) were worried about the same thing. :)
What a good sport - too loud, but still a good fan.

The beautiful, massive flag that was highlighted earlier was ready to be retired. I'd only learned that day that the approved and appropriate way to retire a flag is by burning. It has such a negative reputation, but it's respectful when done correctly. This had a marine escort and salute and a verbal salute highlighting the history and service of the flag. It was humbling to observe it.

Aly got lots of snuggles that evening - we were worried about the loud cheering and booms of the fireworks. I didn't think that she'd let us keep anything over her ears, otherwise I'd have brought her something to wear. I think being held close with our hands over her ears may have made her nervous, but maybe she was a little on her own. She was a very good sport though - she loved seeing the lights and the pretty colors, just not a fan of the noise.

The day we had to head home, Alyson got to play with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa's dog Emma. She was so cute following her around.

She even wanted to follow her through her special door.

Playing Ring around the rosie with Great-Grandma

Sitting with Great-Grandma before heading back home.

So that Mom (I mean Grandma) could prove that I do exist, she tooks some pictures of Aly and me. Look! I'm not just a voice in cyberspace!

Playing with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa's merry go round.

More random sisterly cuteness.

Ooh, Dad (I mean Grandpa) wants in on the merry go round action.

Mom, Rachel and me before heading home.

Oh, and Alyson has discovered the doggie door again.
But how do you get IN it?

Ohhhh! By opening the door!
I hope you've enjoyed our photo vacation. We had a blast!