Monday, May 23, 2011

The cuteness is astounding

At church (and ever since), MayLee has been very interested in playing - Where's my nose, where's your nose and all variations.  She's more talky than ever and getting bossier by the day - learning well from her big sister.

Alyson was reading a book the other day in which the main character Dora was returning library books.  On the last page, Dora asks the reader how many books she's just returned.  When I asked her how many there were?  I was expecting her to count them out - likely in Spanish.  Instead, with a I'm about to lay a good joke on you smile, she blurted out "65!". 

Yes.  65 books.  Not 7 or 4 or 9.  Certainly not the 8 that were really there.  There were 65 books there - that was her story. She stuck to it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow...


Despite the fact that it is glorified sand masquerading as well tilled earth.  So far, it is benefitting greatly from the loads and loads of compost I've added.  It'll never end though - it will always need more.  I guess that means I'll never be out of a job.

Baby carrots just thinned.  Yes - they do already taste like carrots!

Tomato seedlings ready to be added to the soil.  Since we started wayyyy too many, there's no way I can plant all of these.  I'll have to start giving them away!

To the left, the raspberry plant I was certain I killed last year. 

To the right, Alyson with the little cheese puff barrel of carrot seedlings she planted.

 The improvised compost pile I have made up.  So far, we're working with thinnings (the ones that don't end up on my plate) kitchen waste (that doesn't include fats or meat) and random bits of cardboard like torn up toilet paper rolls.   Mix that all up with some soil or compost and, given the right circumstances, I'll have fresh new nutrient rich compost to add to my garden in a couple months.  Sure beats the heck out of buying it, and I can feel a little bit better about the stuff I do throw out.

 My garden.

My beautiful tomatoes.  Started from seeds at home!  So excited.  We planted a couple beef steak, a couple Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes and a couple plum tomatoes from Italy. 

Since these little babies won't want their roots disturbed by cultivating, I hilled some extra compost up around the base of their little vines.  We'll see how that goes!

My bell pepper bed prepped for planting.  I actually just tucked them in last night.  Pictures to come!

On the left, Shasta Daisies ready to plant.

On the right, more baby carrots to thin.

I've got to say.  I find this to be one of the most rewarding things I've learned to do.  The ability to take a seed - a mumified little plant and turn it into pounds and pounds of fresh, healthy food for your family is just good dirty clean fun. Though I'm trying to cultivate (get it?) good habits of using gloves, I have to say I like a good old fashioned dirt manicure some days. 

Maybe it's just the crisp newness of it - the awesomeness of learning a completely new skill.

Or maybe it's just freakin' awesome to eat a salad of hand picked ultra fresh greens.

It certainly doesn't hurt that I have some pretty awesome helpers...

...even if those awesome helpers get a little nervous when the air conditioner starts humming.

Some of my favorite things in the garden?  Listening to Alyson call a cultivator a "koo-ka-lator" and when she wants to taste the lettuce with me.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Morning, Monday

Dear Monday,

  Your kind gift of a flat tire this morning might have been better appreciated by someone else. 

Please think twice before thinking of me next time.

Thank you,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Erik surprised me with these at work today.

Look what's hiding! A pretty pink rose nestled in - just like a hug.

Sorry Girls.  He's taken. 

As I'm quite taken with him.