Monday, May 23, 2011

The cuteness is astounding

At church (and ever since), MayLee has been very interested in playing - Where's my nose, where's your nose and all variations.  She's more talky than ever and getting bossier by the day - learning well from her big sister.

Alyson was reading a book the other day in which the main character Dora was returning library books.  On the last page, Dora asks the reader how many books she's just returned.  When I asked her how many there were?  I was expecting her to count them out - likely in Spanish.  Instead, with a I'm about to lay a good joke on you smile, she blurted out "65!". 

Yes.  65 books.  Not 7 or 4 or 9.  Certainly not the 8 that were really there.  There were 65 books there - that was her story. She stuck to it.

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