Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Quick Overview

I'm better about updating pictures and information on Facebook - frankly it's easier and faster, but I like to have these on here too. If you're looking for more info - head on over to Facebook. If you're nervous about Facebook like I was - seriously don't be - they provide you control over the privacy settings and you'll be surprised with how many people you can re-connect with. :)

MayLee's Birth Announcement

Alyson playing in the snow

You'll notice that we decided to put her to work - definitely time for her to start pulling her wait around here.

Alyson's picked up the big sister act very well. Once in a while, she'll spout off with "MY mommy" or "MY daddy"! MayLee is doing really well too - she has a very healthy appetite and likes to smile. (No I don't think it's just gas).

Oh, and now she's awake - gotta go!