Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fluttering By

Last night, Alyson acquired two wipes that she promptly used as wings.  She happily ran around with them in her hands flapping merrily.

Alyson: "I'm a butterfly!"
Daddy: "Oh.  Well tell me when you turn back into a girl so I can have a kiss"
Alyson: "You can have a butterfly kiss."
Daddy: "Okay."
Alyson: "In just a minute."
Daddy: "I'll wait."
Alyson flap and dances and twirls: "Ow, I just flapped my wing in my eye!"

Vacation - Final Dose

It appears that I still owe you some resolution on the vacation adventure.  I'll keep it brief - I'm sure you've seen enough of our slide show to be looking elsewhere for a while.

These are the pictures on the way back to the Tri-Cities.  It's always hard to leave loved ones.  Making it bearable is the fact that we get to come back.

Lengthy absence

So, the internet has been a bit goofy at our house lately.  And I can't currently post on my lunchbreak anymore because my computer needs an update to Adobe Flash Player.  And well let's be honest here, I've had other things on my mind than posting.

But I have been thinking about you.  I actually have a bunch of things I want to post eventually.  Random stuff, pictures, rants, etc.

To make you feel a little less neglected, please consider the following.

I felt really off for a couple weeks due to hypochondria.

I had 3 halloween costumes to sew.

I had 2 beautiful girls to play with and be a mommy to.

I had a wonderful husband to spend time with.

And due to the above, we all had a crazy messy house to pay attention to.
I'm happy to say that after a very large effort on all of our parts, the house looks great right now.  But it's a culture shift for all of us.  It's amazing how little messes accumulate without any help and how little messes quickly turn into big messes with nothing more than a slight breeze and a sideways glance.

But we're working on it.  For our sakes and for the girls.  Because though I don't want to care more about a perfectly clean house than I do about playing with and teaching the girls, it's important for them to learn these good habits when they're young and they don't have to figure it out when they have adorable little cuties around to play with.  Can it be done?  You bet your life on it.  Will it be perfect?  I wouldn't even bet chewed gum on that.