Sunday, June 6, 2010

I want to try this - more news to come. I'm addicted to looking at fun ideas and making plans. So far that's as far as it goes though...


Monday, May 24, 2010

Pictures - because that's what I do when I haven't posted in a while

This is how I distract you from the fact that I haven't posted in a looong time. Al-a-ka-zam! Pictures! See? Totally worked, didn't it?

At home
Alyson waking MayLee up with hugs

-totally love our girls
Alyson eating her wordsAnd reading in her tunnel
Who can refuse this face a picture?
When MayLee was mastering the roll
The turkey that truly needed a diaper

Alyson doing "Wake up moh-ning" (Alyson's name for this video done by my awesome cousin in law and his friend) Where's Alyson?
(Whispered) "Hiding"

"On Top!" She's pretty persistent too - she'd just climb up there if he didn't offer.
My honey giving my MayLee-Cakes some sugar
The Circus
"My wan-da see dee tent!"
The Shrine Circus stopped by the Tri-Cities and we were lucky enough to go. It didn't cost as much as I thought it would...
Until you got inside - you are seeing in front of your eyes exactly $8.00 worth of cotton candy and a tiny bag of caramel corn. But ohhh, was it yummy.
And what circus experience is complete without your souvenier light saber? Not this one to be sure!
Alyson, the force will always be with you.

Aly's favorite part, though she didn't really want to get close enough to touch one. They were a bit bigger than she was expecting I think...
Safe Kids Saturday 2010 - Kadlec Regional Medical Center
Rachel and Aly in front of the Med Star helicopter

Because my sister is cruel and I am kind to clowns when their small crowd is unresponsive even if it means doing the chicken dance with a sleeping baby in front of strangers and coworkers alike.
Because I don't know a two year old who doesn't love bubbles
My tuckered out little one Because I wasn't sure how I could make myself look more like a tube - I think I did pretty well. You're welcome.
My adorable sister and shy baby

Excuse me, Miss Hollywood? May I have a moment of your time?
My little one in her improvised hat - because I forgot one...
Back at home

One of the best smiles on the planet.


Yes - I made homemade tamales - and they were amaaaaazing - thank you Alton Brown.

The super-awesome tent we made in the living room. The bump in the middle of it is Alyson's head - she's sitting on the couch ("cowt") reading a book - or scribbling on it, I'm not sure which in this picture.
Ahh, reading - the coloring came later. Darn, I missed recording that one.

My happy MayLee girl.
Green Lipstick (if you've improvised with a crayon because you forgot your makeup bag in your "Pa-Pack" (backpack))
Pictures of me with Aly my Pie-Pie

Because we are silly.

My sweet MayLee-Cakes
Alyson decided that MayLee needed a new diaper - and that she should be the one to provide it.
I know, now you're jealous. Rest assured, you're right - you'd be having more fun here with us. :) Loves to everyone!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


So miss MayLee cakes rolls over from back to front without a problem now. Getting back to her back again is another story. :) Right now, Alyson is over hanging out with MayLee in her little "house". She's such a good big sister. I still remember when we went to church and the first time she said "Myyyyyy Babyyyyyyyy!" when anyone got too close. She still does that when I'm picking her up from school if I've already picked up MayLee.

Aly doesn't show much interest in potty training at the moment - most people I've talked to say that's normal when you have a little little one. She sees how much attention MayLee gets just because she needs a diaper, etc.

I'm not feeling very verbose right now, so I'll just close with some of my favorite of Alyson's words.

Pie-see-see (Privacy)
Foood-Loops (Froot Loops cereal)
Leh-feh-funt (Elephant)

PS - Aly put a random truck into time-out yesterday. Hilarious.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Quick Overview

I'm better about updating pictures and information on Facebook - frankly it's easier and faster, but I like to have these on here too. If you're looking for more info - head on over to Facebook. If you're nervous about Facebook like I was - seriously don't be - they provide you control over the privacy settings and you'll be surprised with how many people you can re-connect with. :)

MayLee's Birth Announcement

Alyson playing in the snow

You'll notice that we decided to put her to work - definitely time for her to start pulling her wait around here.

Alyson's picked up the big sister act very well. Once in a while, she'll spout off with "MY mommy" or "MY daddy"! MayLee is doing really well too - she has a very healthy appetite and likes to smile. (No I don't think it's just gas).

Oh, and now she's awake - gotta go!