Saturday, April 17, 2010


So miss MayLee cakes rolls over from back to front without a problem now. Getting back to her back again is another story. :) Right now, Alyson is over hanging out with MayLee in her little "house". She's such a good big sister. I still remember when we went to church and the first time she said "Myyyyyy Babyyyyyyyy!" when anyone got too close. She still does that when I'm picking her up from school if I've already picked up MayLee.

Aly doesn't show much interest in potty training at the moment - most people I've talked to say that's normal when you have a little little one. She sees how much attention MayLee gets just because she needs a diaper, etc.

I'm not feeling very verbose right now, so I'll just close with some of my favorite of Alyson's words.

Pie-see-see (Privacy)
Foood-Loops (Froot Loops cereal)
Leh-feh-funt (Elephant)

PS - Aly put a random truck into time-out yesterday. Hilarious.