Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Erik with a fabulous pumpkin he carved a few years ago - it's the "What me worry?" guy - Alfed E. Newman. :) This picture doesn't do it justice - but here it is!

Well, we had fun carving pumpkins this morning! Alyson was in charge of making sure that none of us cut off any appendages - she was a cruel task master.

Or not. :)

I think she was giving me inspiration for the face I was carving in this picture. :)

Daddy (Erik) did all of the hard (yucky) work for us. Thanks honey! He cut the tops for us and scooped out all the guts!

I felt badly for the other pumpkins that were watching the carnage. They knew what was coming for them soon...

I finished our Halloween Costumes just in the nick of time (thanks to my boss who gave me the day off without using my paid time off because of all the extra hours I've been putting in).

We are Hershey's Kisses. Mine is ambiguous enough that I can be a foil wrapped baked potato next year if I want to be. :)


Alisa and Jared said...

Oh, that's sooo cute! I can't even see a pregnant belly in all those photos!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I want to see more belly pics!