Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back to Work

Well, it's been 2 weeks since I went back to work. Alyson and I have both handled it well if I may say so myself. I work in the Human Resources department of a hospital in the area as the HR Assistant. The hospital has an affiliated day care that's about 2 minutes from my office, so that makes it easier to come back to work as I go to visit her and nurse on my lunch breaks. She seems to be doing really well there - gets along well with everyone, smiles a lot and plays really well. There are all sorts of cool things to play with and look at and they are really taking good care of her - not as good as me of course, but they're great. They take pictures of the children and send them to the families so that they can see how cute they are and how they're doing. Well at least they were, all five of the child care center's cameras were stolen about a week ago (they think an inside job - possibly the cleaning crew) and they'll have to be repurchased one at a time. At least they got this cute video of Alyson playing - she's really got things down now, but for a while, the only way she could find her mouth was by hitting herself in the forehead or eye and dragging it down. It was so darn cute - you'll see it in the video below.
:) We'll add some more pictures in the next couple of days - we have some more cute ones on the computer at home!


Kansas Bob said...

Very cute Alyson taking on the plastic keys. I guess your mother doesn't remember when she used to go searching for her mouth. She did it with a hand full of food and ended up with most of it in her hair and face until she found it. You are just a chip off the old block.

Grandpa Clawson

Alisa & Jared said...

That is AWESOME that they have a daycare right there in the building. I can't believe all the cameras got stolen! What a neat service, before...anyhow! Well, we have less than 6 weeks left in town, and we are moving for good this time, so we would really like to get together! Call me sometime, or just email! Hope you're enjoying work!

Jodi Jean said...

wow, that is awesome that she is so close to you. seriously, count your blessings, that is not normal! awesome that they would take videos and pictures. bummer about the cameras being stolen, isn't that sad how some people just don't respect other people's things!! arg! she's soooo cute!