Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I'm a bit overdue on my quick posts - so here's one.

Lately, MayLee has become a bit of a little independent little being.  By that, I mean she is quickly mastering the art of the overreaction.  Consequently, occurences similar to the below have been happening.

(From the other room)
MayLee:  Eeeeek! Nnn-No! (insert gratuitous additional screeching and toddler explitives)
Me (upon entering the room): Alyson, give that back to her.  You don't need to take things from her. Wait for your turn.
Aly: (hands the 'x item' back to MayLee)
MayLee: (calmly resumes playing with 'x item')
Me: MayLee, you don't have to be such a diva.  Use your words - don't screech please.

So apparently, this has happened enough times that Alyson has caught on to some of the lingo.  Last night, after school, this is what I hear while they are playing.

Aly: MayLee, don't be a dee-va. (to me)  Why she's a dee-va?
Me:  She's learning about her emotions and how to play with other people honey. (silently, to self) Dang she's a smarty.

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