Friday, August 26, 2011

Dose 2 - The Trip There

On our (30 hour) roadtrip, we:

Watched a bunch of movies
Put stickers all over ourselves
Tried to take naps and sleep
Had a dressup party

Stopped for dinner and to stretch our legs at the overlook of a beautiful canyon.

The girls did exceptionally well.  When we made it in to Kansas, we stopped for a little while at a visitors center.  There, we:

Gave the girls their first dose of "don't walk in the grass or the chiggers will get you".
Grabbed brochures and flyers for our home state
Discovered Alyson's understanding of death.

Aly: "What's that on the wall?"
Daddy: "That's a pheasant"
Aly: "And what's that?"
Daddy: "That's a deer."
Aly: (pause) "Are they real?"
Daddy: "Yes honey, they're real"
Aly: "Are they dead?"
Daddy: "Yes they are."
Aly: (pause) "Oh.  Did someone step on them?"
Daddy: "Yes, honey.  Someone stepped on them."

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Sunnydaze said...

Hahaha, Aly is so cute.