Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dose 5 - the Aftermath

When we were at the Cosmosphere, Erik picked up a fancy little contraption in the gift shop.  It's pretty much a wing on a stick.

 The next day, Erik and the girls tested it on the hill next to my parent's house. 
All you do is put the stick between your palms and drag your hands in opposite directions.

Think of how cool it was when we all used to "Give a five, and let it slide".  That's pretty much what you want to do with your hands - but vertically. 

After the wing is free of your fingers, it spins up and away from you.  And then you have your children bring it back to you.  Because it's hot and they feel more like running around than you do.

My little Pookle

 I'm not sure why, but I absolutely love these two blurry pictures.

We all had a blast.  And then the girls needed a bath.  Exhibit A:
MayLee's hobbit-ish feet

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