Thursday, February 26, 2009

Technology Goon


My daughter is a technology goon.
Here she is using my computer.

And here wearing a cute warm suit Grammy got for her.

We're in a lot of trouble too - because Daddy thought it'd be a good idea to show her how... no wait, show is not strong enough of a word. Daddy taught her how to use upside down buckets and other things as stools to reach what she wants. Thanks a lot Daddy! Now I have to be worried about the baby gate and drawers I thought were safe and so on and so forth.

We can't help (nor would we want to) that she is a wonderfully excited little girl likes to explore. She's adorable and we do adore her.

1 comment:

Rex said...

Oh, no! She's figuring out ways around the safeties? Well, THAT is just like her father as well! (LOL)