Monday, February 20, 2012

How to remember the difference between affect and effect

My mnemonic device for remembering the difference between affect and effect:

Affect: The verb - the action causing the effect
The bass beats of my neighbor's sub-woofer affect my ability to sleep.

Effect: The noun - the outcome of something that happens
One of the effects of sleep deprivation is the decrease in awareness of socially *accepted behavior.

How I remember them:

  1. Affect: Action (both start with A)
  2. A before E (the action happens before the outcome)
Comic by Grammar Girl
Link: quick and dirty tips

Interesting?  Maybe not.
Helpful?  To me, yes.

(as a side note - I've thought about them both so much in the last 10 minutes that now, they both look strange in any sentence.)

* Bonus tip! 

How I remember accept versus except
Accept: To receive
Except: Do not receive - think exception

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