Thursday, March 1, 2012


So I'm a little behind.  I need to get more posts scheduled.

In the meantime, here are some gems for your pleasure.

One morning, MayLee came to our room while I was brushing my teeth.  When I came out, I helped her into my bed so I could snuggle with her for a minute.  Before I knew it, she'd already made herself comfortable on my pillow.  When I tried to scoot her over, she said with closed eyes:
"Eeping till.  No move me."

The other day, Erik was eating a steak for dinner (it was second chance night - AKA leftovers). Towards the end, he picked it up and was eating the last bits from the bone.  Alyson looked at him and asked:
"Are you eating steak on the cob?"

On the way to dinner at "Shapeys" (Shakeys - kind of like Eatza Pizza), we stopped at the bank.
Alyson: "Where are we?"
Mommy: "We're at the bank."
Alyson: "Where are the goblins?"
Mommy: "They're at Gringotts.  This is a different bank." 


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