Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You're just telling me this NOW?

What do you mean we have a dog?

For more than a week now.

And I haven't posted about her here or on Facebook.

It's not because I'm not excited.  I am.  We love our little puppy.

It's not because I don't think you want to know.  I know that you're completely absorbed with every tiny inconsequential detail of our lives.

I don't even have a decent picture of her yet.  With or without the girls.

This is the best I can do.  She's darn cute.  Her name is Snickerdoodle, because her coloring reminded us of the cookie.

We adopted her from friends.

She's now 7 weeks old.

She's a mix: Miniature Pinscher & Shelty/Pomeranian
   That's right folks.  We have a sweet, small yappy dog.  That will be an indoor dog.  That Erik thought we'd never have.  (I win)

The funny thing is though, that it was Erik's idea to bring her home.  I've been very apprehensive about bringing a dog into our lives at this point - when we already don't really have time to keep on top of the house and have hobbies and children and jobs, etc. etc. etc.

But one day, he was on the way home from work and called to say that he was going to stop and pick up something furry before coming home.  

Check back tomorrow for more.  Maybe I'll even have a picture.

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