Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In our neck of the woods

Well, thought I'd give an update on the stuff that's going on in our neck of the woods (as well as a slew of gratuitously adorable pictures of Alyson - you really ought to expect that by now).

Alyson has discovered technology, and she loves it in any of its forms - maybe since she sees us doing stuff with it - it must be cool. Remote controls, cell phones, cameras or anything with a battery are her new found love. Oh, books too - she loves books. Ours, hers, anybody's books are fascinating. That actually makes me really happy and she's only ended up with one papercut so far.

Alyson's now reliably rolling herself from her back to her front and loves doing it. The funny part about it is that she sometimes (actually most of the time) forgets that she can reverse the action and put herself back on her back again. She'll start looking at us like "Ok, now fix it". She'll get it down and then we'll really be in trouble. She's starting to sit up a little now. Not really what you can call sitting up because most of the time she's leaning on her hands and there is a boppy pillow behind her to catch her, but she's loving it.

We're also starting to help her learn how to eat "solid" foods. Of course stage one solids are not very solid at all, but they're considerably more solid than what she's used to. The cutest little faces were the result of trying peaches first. I don't know that I caught any of them on camera, so you'll have to take my word for it. Below is a video of her eating peaches with her Daddy. She's already a little pro!
Once she got used to peaches, we introduced her to rice ceral with bananas. Boy does she love that! She actually chases the spoon down to get it faster in her mouth - so cute. She's still teething pretty hard core sometimes, but no teeth yet. I still don't think it's fair that babies have to go through that, but fortunately, they won't remember it.

Here, Alyson is sleep playing - such a trooper - she's dedicated, then she consented to help me with the laundry - what would I do without her? I'm frankly amazaed that 2 1/2 people (this is where Erik corrects me - yes, Alyson is a full person) can make so much laundry in one week!

Well, what else can I say? We're blessed and we know it - we love and miss everyone!


Jacob & Tia said...

It is amazing all of the neat toys there are out there and they wnat the remote control or cell phone. They won't take toy ones either - they have to be real!

Jodi Jean said...

hehe, she's growing so fast!!

and a word of warning ... we had to get new cells phones because we let aidan play with ours and they had BAD water damage (read that as drool) and started acting VERY funny. needless to say, we no longer allow him to play with ours and he has his own.

The Dodds said...

thats just to cute. Owen the little guy I nanny he likes to throw mine (he thinks it is a game). He is also in the, everything goes bye bye in the toilet phase. She is very adorable!