Friday, April 4, 2008

Pictures from Preschool

Alyson reading and supported by a doubled up "Boppy" pillow.

Alyson inspecting the keys. Yep, they're good.

Miss Beverly reading to Alyson and her classmate Stella. (Alyson's the little bitty one in pink).


Alisa & Jared said...

Sooo cute! OH, and I was sooooo close to inviting myself to your work to enjoy some Baklava...mmm....yum! We just left town have a great summer!

Jodi Jean said...

holy moley she's getting sooo big!! aidan has those keys too (2 sets, hehe!) and he loves them except now he tries to unlock the front door with them so he can escape!!

she's so beautiful cara!!!!

Adelheide said...

What a cute baby! I loved the video. She's got a great smile.