Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Welcome to the Bonus Room

Well, Erik has been hard at work to finish our bonus room. Alyson is continuing to grow very quickly so we look forward to having a fun place for her to play.

Erik has done everything on this room. He
*  Designed the electrical wiring with the advice of a friend at work who makes that his profession.
*  He designed the fancy closet that will hide the wires from the television so that we'll just have a nice clean wall with the TV on it. Next to that closet, there will be a little alcove for a shelving system to hold the entertainment technology (DVD player, etc), a mini fridge and a microwave.
*  Framed out the closet, the window seat, fed the tubing and duct work for heating and cooling, and all sorts of things I really don't have a clue about.

He's put a lot of thought into it. He's even got it all set up so that the computer can have an additional screen which will be the big screen TV all the way across the room! That'll be fun for movies if we decide to go with the online movie rental service and for birthdays with slideshows and all that jazz.

These pictures show him and a friend hanging the drywall for the ceiling. After that of that planning and groundwork, he was planning on insulating the walls, hanging sheetrock, texturizing, painting and carpeting.

Unfortunately, the accident that we had a few weeks ago (see previous post) left us both with whiplash and crooked backs. He woke up last Friday having pain when he tried to draw deep breath, so that's where that ended.

A coworker's husband is hanging our drywall, finishing and painting our bonus room for us. There will still be plenty to do, but we'll be glad to have that large portion of the project completed.

I'll post more pictures once the room is finally complete and we're enjoying it (or sooner if I can't control myself - I am my mother's daughter after all and therefore a paparazzo in my spare time - just ask my mother's granddaughter.)


Jodi Jean said...

clearly the accident was worse than origianlly described! ahhh, are you okay????

the room looks and sounds like it will be amazing, what a talented hubby you have!!

The Dodds said...

Oh my how fun that looks. The family here just renovated and did this reconstruction add on to their house. They finally finished a year later. The boys were sure fascinated by the noise and equipment I really love to have the peace and quiet back. That room is going to have extra love in it becuase your hubby and Alysons Daddy built it. Thats just so cool.

Much love,