Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm just going to say it

I'm opinionated about certain things.  I'd like to share 2 with you today.  Normally I'd like to make it 3 because odd numbers are better than even numbers.  Hmm - maybe that can be my third opinion.

1. Ugg boots.  They appear to be about the most comfortable thing you could possibly wear outside the house.  My feet feel comfy and warm just thinking about them.  So why is it that I see young fashionable women wearing them in the dog days of summer with a mini skirt on?  Please stop doing that.  I might be able to condone it if they looked somewhat stylish - but they don't.  They're the millenium's equivalent of the moon boot.  Comfy and warm for winter wearing.  You know - when it's snowing or you're running errands or building a snowman.  Maybe I'm a snob.  The only acceptable exception to the rule is kids.  Kids can get away with Uggs no matter what, because they're kids.  Everything's cuter when it's smaller.

2.  Exposed zippers.  It hasn't grown on me. I remember seeing it for the first time on Project Runway and hated it then.  I still do.  I'm sure I'm probably the only one that does - but I do.  I don't care if a famous designer at Lanvin did it first.  It looks like a mistake and completely interrupts the design.  Maybe that was the point.  I just don't think many people can pull it off.  But let's face it - how many runway fashions can be pulled off - off the runway?

At any rate - because there are some that pull it off beautifully - here's my rule.
  It cannot interrupt the design.
  It cannot look like you didn't know how to do it and left it in wrong.
  You must not use an exposed zipper in a waistband.  I don't want my eye drawn to your nether regions.

3.  Lists are better in odd numbers.

Thank you for your consideration of the above.  Please, no hate mail.

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