Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aly's Princess Dress

For Halloween, I made Alyson this princess dress.  She looks pretty darn cute in it if I do say so myself.  These are the first real pictures I've taken of her in it.

The dress is pretty much reversible - the pattern is fitted the same in front and back.  The back closes with velcro so it's "easy" to put on and take off.  Generally if she puts it on herself, it goes on backwards.

The armholes are cut so that she can wear a shirt underneath without any bunching.

It's actually too long - I had to take about 3 inches up so there's plenty of room for growth.

It comes complete with Cinderella poofs and a piggie for protection

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rae_clawson said...

SOooOo CUTE, thanks for posting pictures of it. Her hair so getting so long too! Love it!