Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Wish

So we got iPhones a couple months ago, and true to Erik's intention, I'm much better about keeping track of it than I was about any previous phone.  It's a phone and a toy - I can play Words with Friends whenever I want and keep track of lists, memories, take pictures and read books with it.  It's fabulous.  Here are some of the apps I like:

Cozi - fabulous for keeping track of family calendars all in one place, to dos, shopping and my favorite - journaling.

Grocery IQ - Soooooo good.  You can create lists that you can share - if I was organized enough yet, I'd have it shared with Erik - either of us can update the same list and the other sees the updates.  You can designate which store, aisle, price etc.  As you go, you click the items and checkout when you're done.  If you want specific items, you can scan the barcode and go!  Super fun

Words with friends - Very similar to Scrabble.  Beware though, there is a Words with Friends cheat app that people can buy.  It generates their highest point words as they go - you'll get words like "qua" and "suq".  I don't play with people that are obviously using it - I  mean, what's the point?!  Uh, but anyway - fun app - you can play lots of games at a time, request a random opponent or request games with a friend by name.

Angry Birds - I didn't learn about this one until Alyson was playing with Daddy one day.  Simple but fun - you get to fling birds with a slingshot - they take out the green piggies (the bad guys) that stole their eggs.  Birds as weapons - nothing better, unless you were traumatized by "the Birds".

There are a bunch more, but as this is already longer than I planned, here are the things I wish they'd develop.

I want my iPhone to be a remote too - for all things - I'd like the phone to have the capability of sending signals like that - palm devices used to be able to beam things to each other - I want the iPhone to do the same.  I'd want an app that allowed me to choose the appropriate devices and then use it for basic commands - on, off, volume up, down, etc.  Man that'd be nice.

I want a Flylady app.  I'm sure this is something I could keep track of on my own, but I'd really like a simple way to see what zone we're on during the week and a list of all the different tools (like the 5 Minute Room Rescue)  you could click on it, it'd time it for you and log where you did it when.  Rinse, Repeat.

There are plenty of fun things to do with an iPhone - I'm still learning about them. :)

PS - if you are interested in a game of Words - I'm username: Hittsrus

See you on the board!

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rae_clawson said...

I'm glad you got an iphone! Now you answer all my calls! Well unless you are screening and don't want to talk to me, if that's true than shame on you! :)