Monday, March 14, 2011

Tea for Three

Alyson attended her first Tea Party yesterday.  She was so excited all day - she wore her fluffy princess skirt and fairy wings (with a purse full of accessories she chose not to wear). 
Before tea, Izzy's mom reviewed the behavior befitting a fancy tea party (pinky up, please, thank you, etc)The girls (Alyson and two of her friends from school) enjoyed raspberry herbal tea with a little sugar and cream out of real tea cups.  They were all very pretty and unique - Izzy's grandma collects china and shared some with her now that she's growing into a fairy princess.

We brought cookies to share.  They were tasty, but did not turn out the way I intended.  I was trying to copy some cookies made at my work - they look like little tarts.  A sugar cookie forms the "crust" with fruit pie filling on top.  Mine ended up spreading quite a bit, so the filling to crust ratio was a bit off - and they were ginormous when all was said and done.  We each at a half.

Miley brought some beautiful little cupcakes from her big sister's birthday party.  We even had a gentleman hunter with us to protect us while we mingled.  Izzy's big brother took a break from the computer to share tea with us.  It was very sweet. 

(I will add pictures of all three girls after I check with their moms)

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