Monday, March 21, 2011

Block Party

We totally had a block party this weekend.  In between cleaning the house like mad (as a result of both Erik and me stepping on something pokey in the middle of the night) we did a pretty good job of keeping it fun too.  

The lighting was beautiful, so I couldn't resist intruding upon my girls' play time with the camera.  Bless their hearts for indulging me!

Alyson started it all with her big princess blocks.  She'd been asking for them for a couple days weeks and when we finally cleared enough stuff out of the family room to justify their retrieval, she did this:

Yes, this is Alyson - putting the princesses together by herself.  She had Jasmin separated from Snow White, etc so that she could make sure she had all of the pieces.

I'm glad she moved closer to MayLee - This way I was able to get pictures of both of them at the same time (though not very well).  MayLee is in the background playing with their jewelry. 

Everything is a bracelet to that girl - she became enamored with them when I put the first one on her.  It just so happened to be the fabulously blingy blue bracelet my Mom gave us for Christmas a couple years ago.

As you can see, Alyson was rocking some pretty awesome jewelry too - a fab ring she got at a birthday party and some mah-velous beads she had in her jewelry box. 

She was too cute - the necklace kept getting caught on the blocks or the ring while she moved them around, and she disentangled them without even a grimace - a diva-licious pro all around. 

After a while, MayLee decided she needed to help out and started bringing over some blocks for assembly. 

When all was said and done, they had a beautiful dancing mat.  They then performed a rigorous quality test upon completion.

It passed with flying colors (and no injuries).

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