Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Spot of Cheese

Have you ever gotten an idiom wrong while speaking in a British accent?  I have.  Or well, I just did.  My adorable sister was a witness to the madness or I might not have even noticed it until later. 

Alyson and I were leaving the store after returning a couple of movies (MayLee was already in bed, Aly was heading there) and I was talking on the phone to her Aunt Rachel.  In a British accent.  Because that's what we do.  You don't?

At any rate, we were discussing the benefits and downsides of purchasing the new Harry Potter movie when it comes out now or waiting until the final installment comes out to get the (sure to exist) special edition double pack.  It was at this point that my darling daughter looks up at me with confused eyebrows and stares at me perplexed.  It was the same expression she used when she heard the accent for the first time 18 months ago. 

So I said: "Am I talking funny?"

Silent nod

Do you want to try? "Say, 'ello love"

Whispers "I can't"

I tried a couple more times ending with "Say, 'ello gov'na.  Care for a spot of cheese?"

At which point Rachel started laughing because of course, it should have been tea.  It should have been TEA!  Gah, how could I have gotten that wrong. 

Of course it was all gibberish to Alyson, so she didn't call me on it.

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