Monday, April 18, 2011

This Old House - Part 1

It's been more than 20 years since we (and by we, I mean my family growing up) moved from the "Old House" to the "New House".  The funny thing is that I still think of them with those names.  The New House my parents live in will always be special to me for countless reasons - maybe I'll talk about them too someday.  But for now, I want to reminisce about the Old House. 

My parents had a beautiful garden - full of veggies - peas, cabbage, tomatoes - all of the good stuff.  We also had two beautiful apple trees in the back yard.  They were perfect for climbing in and playing under and eating from.  All along one side of the house, raspberries ripened and sweetened, waiting juicily to be picked by grubby fingers and popped into greedy mouths.  In the front yard, I remember perky yellow daffodils around the trees and the red gerraniums in the box along the porch.  Idyllic.  Perfect.  I'm going to assume my memories are pitch perfect and correct - even if they're not.

Behind the garden plot, there was a dog run.  I don't remember there ever being a dog in there.  We got Daphne when we moved to the New House. (Oh, nostalgia - Daphne.  Another day).  Dad used part of the dog run for the compost pile.  One day, he showed me how it worked and warned me about how hot it can get inside.  Layers of grass and veggie peels.  Sunshine and water.  Magic.

One of my most fun memories is of playing in the garden with the neighborhood kids.  Specifically, ransacking the pea vines and giggling "God made dirt, so dirt don't hurt" with them.  I happily ignored the bad grammar (knowing even then how bad it was) and pop them into my mouth.  I've loved snap peas and fresh pea pods ever since.  There's nothing like them.  Right now, I have about 20 pea plant seedlings started inside - waiting for my garden to be ready for planting.  I can't wait for my girls to see how they grow and help me harvest them.

There's something about starting my own garden - my first as an adult that makes me better appreciate the hard work it was to take care of a young family, a yard, a house and a massive garden.  I look forward to that adventure too and tip my hat to my mom and dad.  Thanks for peas in summer and home made applesauce.

* Assignment: Mom?  I need pictures of the Old House showing the yard and garden.  Can you and Rachel scan some for me? 

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