Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweet Snuggles

Aly and MayLee are the darn cutest little girls around.  This mroning, Alyson was super snuggly and lovey. She woke up with a great smile and ran for a hug.  She shared her cereal with MayLee in the car when MayLee ate all of hers and requested 'Te Amo's and 'True Love' hugs when I dropped her off at school.  After I dropped MayLee off in her classroom, I snuck up on Aly and gave her a kiss.  She turned around and smiled really big and said. "Oh thanks Mom!"

And MayLee!  So darn funny.  Snuggly, huggy, kissy.  All with enthusiasm.  You should see her with her little white piggie.  Biiiiig hugs.

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